5 Things You Should Never Order on a First Date

Sadly, wings are on the list.

— -- Buffalo Wings

Wings are delicious. They probably even make you and your date insanely happy. But the truth is, it’s hard to impress a new person with wing sauce all over your face.


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Yes. Burritos are a crucial part of every relationship. But you can’t just burrito right away. You have to ease into a burrito dynamic. You can’t force these things on a first date. Burritos are too messy to eat in front of someone you want to like you. This is a few-dates-in kind of food.


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Carbonated Beverages

Whether it is soda or beer, if it makes you burp, avoid it.


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Garlic Bread

Two words: GARLIC. BREATH. Also, according to Scott Pilgrim’s first date with Ramona:

scot pilgrim

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Spicy Dishes

There’s nothing flirty about sweating, chugging water, and blinking back painful tears.

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