All-Things-Spring Seasonal Easter Menu

Spice this Easter up with a colorful, seasonal menu from

April 15, 2014 -- intro: Easter classics like honey-baked ham and deviled eggs have made appearances at your holiday table for the last how many years? Spice things up this time with an updated menu from that uses vibrant, seasonal colors to evoke all things spring. You may at first miss the normal flavors—until you take a bite of these, that is.

quicklist:1 title: Pea Soup with Jambon Chips url: text: Two key ingredient swaps bring the classic pea soup recipe into the 21st century: jamon serrano for the more traditional ham hock and fresh peas instead of frozen. media: 23330989

quicklist:2 title: Lamb Chops with Lavender and Honey url: text: Lavender has a freshness perfect for the warmer weather, and adding honey brings a salty-sweet play to this main. media: 23331085

quicklist:3 title: Rainbow Carrots with Easter Egg Radishes url: text: This gorgeous dish screams spring with its many-hued fresh vegetables—though it would be just as delicious with only orange carrots and red radishes. media: 23330833

quicklist:4 title: Spring Trifle with Meyer Lemon Curd, Macerated Strawberries and Matcha url: text: Again the colors stun in this fruit-forward trifle with green tea powder, red strawberries and yellow meyer lemon curd. media: 23330896