Posies That Go Easy on Your Pocketbook

Celebrity florists share ways to cut costs on fresh bouquets.

Feb. 24, 2014— -- No one would ever deny that fresh flowers invite beauty and uplifting fragrances into one's home. But the cost of surrounding one's self with posies can sometimes be prohibitive.

To help lovers of flora make smarter spending choices, Kimm Birkicht, co-founder of The Velvet Garden floral studio in Los Angeles, shared some of her best insider tips.

1. Be Flexible About Your Bouquets

"The most popular flowers to feature right now are peonies, English garden roses and rannunculus in the Dutch Master style," Birkicht told ABC News. But if those blooms bust your wallet, a great and less expensive alternative are dahlias, she said.

2. Keep Things Seasonal

"Be aware of your surroundings and look at foliage around your neighborhood, in front yards, or go to the local park," said Birkicht. Paying attention to what's in bloom can help direct your choices, and locally grown flowers are typically less expensive than those flown in from exotic locales.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Go Big

One of the most affordable ways to achieve height in a floral arrangement is blooming branches, recommends Birkicht. If you are set on something more traditional, remember that "large-headed flowers make the biggest impact to the eye," she said. They also will take up more room, meaning you won't have to buy as many flowers to fill out an arrangement.

4. Let the Experts Do Their Job

While the DIY approach is great for anyone who loves being hands-on, it doesn't always save you money, time or stress. "It is actually less expensive to go to a florist," said Birkicht. "It will save you a trip to the flower market, and you won't have to spend so much time prepping and processing the flowers yourself. Also, florists know how to make gorgeous designs that are economically accessible."