Toddler with rare genetic disorder isn't letting his stroller hold him back

Doctors said when Josiah Washington was born that he wouldn't even walk!

Josiah Washington can be seen in two videos that have gone super-viral walking out of his stroller as he tries to get his hands on toys at a local toy store in Gulfport, Mississippi.

The videos on Facebook have garnered more than 8 million views.

In the hilarious clips, Washington's parents laugh as they try to get him to step away from his prized possessions.

His mother, Kristian Washington, is excited that the videos of her little boy has gone viral. But most important to her is seeing her son, whom doctors said when he was born would never walk or hold a bottle, act like any other toddler.

Josiah Washington was born with a rare genetic disorder, and doctors are still testing to confirm his diagnosis.

"Originally, doctors were going with pyruvate kinase deficiency," Kristian Washington told ABC News.

"He's what I call my miracle baby," the mother of two gushed. "He's reaching all his milestones. He's doing all of it. It's so shocking to us. That's why we record everything he does and take pictures."

Kristian Washington said no one believes her or her husband, Joshua, when they tell them about Josiah's diagnosis.

"He's the sweetest baby," she said. "He's always laughing. We never know when he's in pain. He's just so happy. That's why I can go on ... and be OK with waiting for test results. He just keeps going."