Toddler Gets Surprise Birthday Gift From Stranger at Target

Kinley received an early birthday present from a stranger last week.

ByABC News
October 28, 2015, 5:45 PM
Tario Fuller II pictured with Kinley, 2, after surprising her with a doll for her upcoming birthday.
Tario Fuller II pictured with Kinley, 2, after surprising her with a doll for her upcoming birthday.
Courtesy Megan Shufflebarger

— -- Tario Fuller II, a student and running-back at Purdue University, is being praised for buying a toddler a birthday gift at a local Target.

Megan Shufflebarger of Kentland, Ind., was shopping at Target with her children on Oct. 22. They turned down the toy aisle to browse the merchandise. Her daughter Kinley's third birthday was coming up.

"I don't think [Kinley] really understood we weren't there to buy toys that day, so she was pleading her case of why she wanted that doll so badly," Shufflebarger told ABC News. "Tario and his friend overheard her explaining why she really really 'lubbed dat doll.'"

Soon, Shufflebarger said, Fuller walked off with the doll.

"He came back a few minutes later with the doll in the bag and a receipt and handed it to me and said 'This dolly is for you. I want you to have a very Happy Birthday and smiled,'" Shufflebarger said. "I was speechless initially, and had to ask him after he left the aisle if he would come back for a photo. I didn't realize until we got to the car that I didn't even know his name."

In an effort to track down the generous young man who made her daughter's day, Shufflebarger posted a photo of Tario and Kinley at Target on her Facebook page.

Within hours, she said, somebody recognized him.

"[I was] very humbled to say the least," Shufflebarger said. "Tario is a good role model for kids these days. I hope our children remember this for years to come and remember what it means to truly 'pay it forward.'"

Fuller was unavailable to respond to ABC News' request for comment.

Purdue University Athletics re-posted Shufflebarger's photo, writing the following statement:

"We couldn't be more proud of the type of young men and women in our athletics department. ?#?BoilerUp?"