Top-Knots, 'Man Buns' Can Lead to Hair Loss, Experts Say

Love top-knots? The style could lead to hair loss.

Dermatologists say the hairstyle could lead to hair loss.

Traction alopecia develops when the hair follicles are scarred because hair is pulled too tight, too often, she said. The hair loss can be permanent.

"Once the follicle is scarred, the hair is permanently lost and that means it won't grow back," she said.

So is there a way to embrace the look without risking your full head of hair?

Expert hairstylist Christine Thompson of Spoke & Weal salon in California said you do not have to surrender your hair bun completely.

"You absolutely can get the same look slicked back," she said.

In addition to avoiding wearing the top-knot in the same spot every time, Thompson says there are two other things to avoid when putting your hair in a top-knot.

"The things to avoid are putting it on damp or wet hair...and also making sure that you really don't pull the hair while it's secure with elastic," said Thompson.