You'll Totally Flip Over These Incredible Pancake Works of Art

Almost too amazing to eat. Almost.

— -- The Mickey-Mouse head pancakes you’re so proud of? Yeah, this isn’t going to make you feel so accomplished.

A YouTube channel called TigerTomato is heating up, with the latest Queen Elsa pancake video getting more than 600,000 views in the last month.

The duo behind the incredible pancakes said they prefer not to be named, but told ABC News they are a father-son team from Melbourne, Australia.

“We are yet to decide who is Tiger and who is Tomato,” the father said. The name “came to us eating a tomato while watching a tiger," he said.

And though they are from “an arty family,” the pancake art that’s got YouTube all fired up just started in March. The first pancake was the rainbow ice cream.

“Pancake batter is the first edible medium we have worked with and we just loved the idea of art and food coming together as if it was meant to be," the father said.

They get their inspiration from a baby in the family. “We have an 8-month-old in the family surrounded with wonderful cartoon characters so we thought we would join him. Also from our viewers. We really enjoy reading all the feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. Our viewers often give us ideas and suggestions and they inspire us to make more pancakes.”

The intricate pancakes do take more time that the average to make, and varies depending on complexity of design and how many colors are used.

After all that work, do they feel guilty actually eating them? Only one.

“We do eat our pancakes -- pancakes are to be eaten! But we decided to keep Elsa," the dad said.