Treehouse Apartment Building in Italy Protects Residents From Air, Noise Pollution

The building was designed to protect residents from air and noise pollution.

Images of the urban treehouse, called 25 Verde, which translates to "25 Green," are being shared by social media users, some of whom are pinning the "dream home" on Pinterest.

The steel structure houses 63 unique apartments and contains irregular-shaped terraces and pools lined with trees. The "green" theme continues on the roof, which is covered by lush gardens.

"The building has been thought as a living forest, a house on the trees like the houses children dream of and sometimes build," the building's architect, Luciano Pia, writes on his website. "It is a special building because it is alive: it grows up, it breaths and it changes since 150 trees with tall trunks cover its terraces."

There are 50 additional trees in the court garden, and collectively, the trees produce oxygen, cut down air pollution, protect from noise and create a "perfect microclimate" inside the building, Pia adds.

Construction of the urban treehouse began in 2007 and finished in 2012, according to Pia's website.

The apartment complex is located at 25 Via Gabriele Chiabrera.

Pia and the building's sale's office did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for additional comment.