Utah bridesmaid goes all out in hilarious bridal photo

Janessa James should get "Bridesmaid of the Year"...if that title existed.

ByABC News
February 12, 2017, 8:17 PM
Janessa James proved she's the best bridesmaid by jumping out of her friends bridal photo, taken in Utah.
Janessa James proved she's the best bridesmaid by jumping out of her friends bridal photo, taken in Utah.
Chloe Epperson/Copper Creative

— -- Janessa James is the bridesmaid of the year. Or, she should be -- if there were such an award.

The Brigham Young University senior, who has been in 12 weddings, earned that title thanks to her hometown friend and bride, Amy Lewis.

Before Lewis' Washington, D.C., wedding to her now husband, Riley, the bridal party trekked to Sundance, Utah, to take a few pre-wedding photos.

Amy Lewis really wanted "wind swept photos that looked super romantic," James recalled to ABC News.

"So the photographer told me that I had to throw up her train in the air as high as possible and as quick as I could, get out of the shot," the student said.

The photographer would then photoshop her out of the shot.

James, 21, who is originally from Vienna, Virginia, was committed, and the result is a hilarious photo of her flying through the air as the Lewises share a kiss.

The socioeconomics major shared the photo on Reddit with a funny caption that many single ladies can relate to.

"This is how I am currently feeling about wedding and engagement season coming up," she wrote as a caption on the February 3 post. "Yes, this is an actual photo of me (extremely single) helping my best friend with her bridals. The photographer asked me to throw her train up and then dive out of the shot, and so I did. Very theatrically."

The student admitted that the December 2015 photo shoot did leave her with "some bruises."

James told ABC News what she loves most about being a bridesmaid.

"I've gotten kind of a reputation of being the wedding person to go to. I'm a take-charge person," she boasted. "I get things done. ... No matter how difficult or frustrating it was for you, you know it's worth it."

And although she's single, James isn't sitting at home crying about it. In fact, she's dating -- but no one serious just yet.

"Seeing all my friends getting married, it’s taught me that the right guy really is out there," James said.

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