This Vegas Hotel Offers the Ultimate Pampering Experience for Barking Guests

Luxe Pet Hotel comes with celebrity suites, cabanas and even a massage area.

November 15, 2014, 6:33 AM

— -- intro:Down the Las Vegas strip, a brand-new luxury hotel is making a name for itself with its celebrity suites and spa. But the actual guests checking in aren't human.

Bobby Prunes and Zaneta Tomczyk are the owners of Luxe Pet Hotel, an 18,000-square-foot pooch palace that is minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

“We have a cocker spaniel, and we have a German Shepard, who we adopted actually. And we just love them, like we don’t have kids so they are our kids,” Prunes told “Nightline.” “Before we used to travel a lot, so we would take them to the pet hotel, but we never found nothing that would be so luxurious … so that’s why we thought of opening this place.”

While owners enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, their pets scan take in the amenities that rival those of other luxury properties. A stay in the hotel’s celebrity suite runs $195 a night.

From the swimming pool and cabanas to the massage area, check out some of the lavish services and plush facilities for Luxe Pet Hotel’s four-legged guests.

quicklist:1title: Luxury Celebrity Suitetext: In the 15 celebrity suites at Luxe Pet Hotel, clients can sleep on queen size beds.

“All the beds are custom made. So we came up with the design of the bed to thinking to have something elevated … memory foam mattresses,” Prunes

quicklist:2title: Room Servicetext: Room service is freshly catered for guests, and each celebrity suite is equipped with a 42-inch HD television.

Owners can also keep tabs on their pets through the live-stream private webcam.

“People leave their pets, and they can stay in the celebrity suites while they’re out in their vacation. They can always go on their cellphone and check what their pet is up to,” Prunes said.

The hotel even has a honeymoon suite

quicklist:3title: Exercise Roomtext: At the gym, pets can use a treadmill or take part in the hotel’s weight-loss program or cardio workouts. media:26922248

quicklist:4title: Poolside Cabanastext: Luxe Pet Hotel’s outdoor space provides a relaxing atmosphere for pet guests to lounge in a cabana or take a swim in the pool.

“We offer the doggy pool, and we offer one of the cabanas in each play area so whenever they feel tired … they can go and just relax on the cabana,” Prunes

quicklist:title: Massage Areatext:In the massage area, which is by appointment only, guests can get the ultimate pampering experience.

Certified animal masseuses provide 30-minute and 60-minute massages. The massages claim to help keep pets calm and

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