New 5-Star Singapore Hotel is Fit for Humans, But Made for Pets

5-star pet hotel opens with high-end services.

— -- The newest hotel in Singapore is really quite high-end. There's leather chairs in the lobby and a crystal chandelier. There's limo service, a pool, a spa and a small fitness center complete with trainer.

But The Wagington Hotel's not for you. They don't take people -- only pets.

Opened Tuesday, the hotel offers the same services as many upscale human hotels, with prices to match. The Royal Suite -- Wagington's plushest accommodation -- costs $270 per night.

"The Wagington offers arrays of services for the county [sic] most discerning pets. From boarding, spa, daycare, leisure swim, training and retail shopping, the hotel is an icon brilliantly reinvented for the 21st century, where the glamour of owning an animal companion sparkles with new lustre [sic]," the hotel describes itself in a post on its Facebook page.

A stay at the hotel is not all-inclusive. Each service -- from a dip in the bone-shaped pool to a limo ride to a trip to the spa costs extra. Generally speaking, larger dogs incur a higher charge for services.