Video of Mom Getting Her Four Toddlers Ready for Bed Goes Super Viral

Corrie Whyte, 26, expertly manages her kids with a smile on her face.

ByABC News
February 6, 2016, 4:03 PM

— -- A video of a mother of four small children getting her kids ready for bed went viral this week.

In just two days, the video, which shows Corrie Whyte putting pajamas on her four children, racked up more than 18 million views on Facebook. And her kids -- 2-year-old Emily and 8-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia and Levi -- didn't make it easy for Whyte. But she pulled it off all with a smile on her face.

Whyte, 26, told ABC News she has "so much fun" caring for her children and tries "to make every experience enjoyable." Still, she did admit that as they've gotten more mobile she's had to "keep a constant eye on them all the time."

"Right now the hard part is finding the balance between the needs of three 8-month-old babies and one 2-year-old toddler. They all want your attention, while going in four different directions," the mom added.

Whyte, who lives with her family in Cambridge, Ontario, said she wouldn't be able to do it all without her husband.

"To know you can rely on each other is helpful and makes life a lot easier," she said. "Dan [Gibson] is an amazing dad who has been involved in every way from the very beginning and I always say if Dan wasn't there I wouldn't have made it out of the hospital."

The mother of four said she can't wait to watch her children grow older.

"I am looking forward to giving them the experiences I had growing up," she told ABC News. "I am just looking forward to seeing them grow and to see who they become. ... We hope to create a life they will love and give them the tools to become the best person they can be."

For those impressed with Whyte's baby juggling skills, she said she doesn't think she did anything special.

She added, "Every mom is a super mom in my opinion."