'The View' co-hosts reveal if they'd snitch on a friend's partner using a dating app

"Technology is never private," Meghan McCain said on the topic.

Relationship rules have never been easy to navigate, and "The View" co-hosts confirmed technology has complicated the matter when they questioned whether using a dating app is considered cheating.

On Monday, "The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro -- who's filling in for Abby Huntsman while she's on maternity leave -- discussed whether they'd tell a friend if they saw their significant other's profile on a dating platform, and whether or not having an active dating profile is considered cheating.

The conversation was sparked by a Daily Mail story about an anonymous reader that asked the publication for advice after her husband of 17 years was spotted on a dating app by her recently divorced friend.

The woman said she's "in a state of shock," feels "so betrayed," and doesn't know what to do now.

Instead of offering advice to the woman allegedly being cheated on, "The View" co-hosts put themselves in the shoes of the recently divorced friend who had to break the news that she saw the husband's dating profile on an app.

Hostin was the first to say she'd tell her friend, but added there's a way to go about it by telling your friend perhaps her husband never deactivated his dating profile.

"There's gotta be a way to finesse it," she said. "I would figure out a way to let her know."

Due to the geo-location on many dating apps, McCain said being on one is "like you're trying to get caught."

Remembering those exposed by the Ashley Madison scandal, McCain said, "Anything you do in technology is never private, especially if you're cheating on your spouse."

Moreover, McCain pointed out that women are "like detectives" when it comes to learning information. "We will always find out!"

Behar recalled a time when her married friend with no intention of cheating on her partner created a dating profile to "see if anyone responded to her," calling it "an exercise in futility."

While Hostin and McCain were in agreement that browsing romantic options is a version of cheating, Behar responded that a person's intentions are what matters.

Navarro chimed in to say that even though Behar's friend might not intend on having an affair through the dating app, it's plausible it may open the door for that to happen.

Behar continued to say she wouldn't inform her friend about discovering his or her partner's dating profile "because no good deed goes unpunished," and it's possible that the friend could end up turning on you instead.

Regardless of one's intentions, Goldberg said she prefers people find each other old fashioned way: at the bar.

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