The Wall Street Wrinkle: It's How Men Like Their Botox

Men, unlike women, like to leave a little wrinkle behind.

ByABC News
February 6, 2015, 7:50 AM

— -- There are many ways in which it seems men and women couldn't be more different, and Botox is no exception.

While women are looking to be wrinkle-free, men are not.

"About three-quarters of the women that come to see me [for Botox] are looking to be completely wrinkle-free," said Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York City board certified plastic surgeon.

It's a look that Rowe has dubbed the "Wall Street Wrinkle." The name, he said, comes from the high percentage of male patients who work in finance. "They really want to avoid looking overdone."

These left-behind lines, Rowe said, are seen by his patients as a "badge of honor." Rowe said that while the national average of men seeking non-invasive procedures is about 7 percent, his is nearly double that. "But they really want to avoid looking overdone," he said, adding that men fear too much Botox may make them look irresponsible.

Joseph Mancuso went to Dr. Rowe for his very first go at Botox. Though he was mostly nervous about the needles, he also wanted to avoid looking like he got too much Botox. "I just want to look a little younger, like I'm well-rested."

"Sure you can grow old gracefully," Rowe said. "But what's gracefully? A few grey hairs and wrinkles are good. The men, they just want to look refreshed."

But the women -- even women in the workforce -- strive to appear as young as possible, often getting fillers in addition to Botox to remove the lines completely.

He called Wall Street an "extension of society. There's still a gender gap."