Watch This Dad and 'Very Sassy' Toddler Face Off

Man's 1-year-old daughter puts her confidence to good use.

ByABC News
January 20, 2015, 2:57 PM

— -- Gareth Roe has his hands full with his 1-year-old daughter, Lola.

The father of one Saturday noticed the curious toddler climbing in places she shouldn’t have been, so he decided to approach her.

“Lola climbed onto the TV stand to pull the clothes from the clothes line and I caught her in the act,” said Roe, an analyst for Google Maps in Dublin, Ireland. “We often play-fight, and had been going at it for a few minutes before Aimée [Lola’s mom] picked up her phone and started to record us.

“She’ll sense the tone in my voice and challenge me if she thinks she can win; a little too clever!”

After demanding that Lola got down from the furniture, the rambunctious little girl challenged him in a hilariously adorable standoff that went viral online.

Since posting it to YouTube, the video has had over 125,000 hits in just three days and over 5 million views on Facebook, Roe said.

“Before I knew it I was being tagged in multiple Facebook video links from Ireland, the U.K. and even the United Arab Emirates,” he told ABC News. “It’s all been pretty startling; I just wish I wasn’t wearing my pajamas in the video.”

Although little Lola speaks gibberish, Roe said he’s constantly talking to his daughter.

“It builds the confidence,” he said. “If Lola has anything going for her, it’s sass! She’s very sassy but also very sweet. I wouldn’t have her any other way.”