Watch 3-Year-Old Boy's Ecstatic Reaction to Avocado Birthday Present

Henry was caught on camera exclaiming "thank you" in glee.

ByABC News
August 26, 2015, 2:43 PM

— -- A 3-year-old Massachusetts boy has already learned an important lesson in gratitude, and the way he learned it will leave you laughing.

Henry, 3, was preparing for his third birthday party earlier this month when his uncle, Jeff Simmons, and mom, Victoria Simmons, realized they needed to help Henry understand how to graciously accept his birthday presents.

“We wanted to make sure that he was being sensitive of other people’s feelings because we know people really put a lot of thought into gifts,” Victoria Simmons told ABC News. “He’s a really honest kid so I was worried he’d flat out say, ‘Oh I already have this.’”

“We were trying to teach him that when you get a present from a friend or family you have to say thank you and be excited just because it’s polite,” added her brother, Jeff.

In order to teach Henry how to pretend to love his gifts, no matter what he unwrapped, the siblings gathered household items like an oven mitt, a Keurig K-cup and an avocado, wrapped them in wrapping paper and gave them to Henry as “gifts.”

Henry reacted just as the adults hoped he would, gleefully exclaiming, ‘It’s an avocado! Thanks!,” in a video captured by Jeff and posted on Vine, with assistance from Collab.

“We just kind of put the presents in front of him and he gave a genuine reaction,” Jeff said. “We left it all up to him.”

“His only hesitation was the K-Cup because he wasn’t too sure what it was,” Jeff added. “We said, ‘It’s coffee, Henry,’ and he said, ‘Oh it’s coffee!’”

Much to Victoria and Jeff’s delight, the pre-present unwrapping strategy session worked out perfectly at Henry’s party.

“Everything went great,” Victoria said. “He was super polite.”