6 Ways to Work Out at Your Desk Now

PHOTO: 6 ways to work out at your desk now.Getty Images
6 ways to work out at your desk now.

Feeling guilty about that greasy lunch you just scarfed down?

Or maybe you realized tomorrow's the first day of spring, and it just hit you there's no way last year's warm-weather wardrobe is going to fit.

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Either way -- there's no time like the present to get in shape. And the present, in this case, means this very minute.

Jamie Walker, a personal trainer, yoga instructor and founder of both founded Fit Approach and SweatGuru, shared with ABC News her top six ways for working out at work.

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1. Use a stability ball. Ditch your chair and grab a ball to sit on instead. It will help you engage your core and improve your posture. If you have to sit, at least make it worth your while.

2. Wall sit above your desk: While you're on a conference call, use the time to wall sit above your desk or chair. This is a great way to engage your core and strengthen and tone your legs.

3. One hand on side of chair, One legged squats: Work the inner thighs (which often get neglected) with this move. Place one hand on the side of your chair and perform one legged squats. Keeping your shoulders back and chest lifted will help benefit your abdominal and help tone your legs. Added bonus: It's a great move to break up the day or get the creative juices flowing.

4. Push ups on your desk: Stand over your desk and place your hands on the edge. Leading with your chest, lower your body towards the desk. This is a great way to build strength in your arms while also working on your core.

5. Tricep dips on your chair: When you're in need of a quick break, take a dip on your chair! All you need is 10-20 reps and you'll be working your triceps and getting those arms you've always wanted!

6. Shoulder circles: You don't need any equipment for shoulder circles. Just stand up near your desk, grab your headphones for your conference call and hold your arms straight out at shoulder height. Circle forwards and backwards and you'll feel it in no time.