What Are the Right Ages for Kids to Experience Important Firsts?

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WATCH Important 'Firsts' for Kids: When Should Kids Get a Job, a Phone, a Date?

There's a first time for everything, but a recent Harris poll found that adults and children had different ideas on how old children should be before they have certain important first experiences in their lives, such as getting a cellphone, job or pet or going out on a date.

The poll covered other key firsts, such as wearing makeup, going on a sleepover, kissing, seeing an R-rated movie and talking about sex.

Makeup: On average, the Americans surveyed said children should be about 15 to wear makeup, but the teens who were asked said they first wore makeup when they were 13, on average.

Sleepovers: On average, poll respondents said children were ready for a sleepover at age 11.

Talking about sex: According to the poll, people respondents believed children needed to have the talk at age 12, about a year earlier than they received it.

Cellphones: Adults on average said they believed children should get their first cellphone at 14 years old. Parents with adult children put that age at 15 and parents with younger children put the age at 13.

The poll also found that 9 out of 10 Americans surveyed thought children were growing up too quickly today.

The poll was released in September. It was conducted in July among 2,463 adults and 510 teens.