Whiskey Wins America's Wallets With 42 States Ranking It Top Tipple

See which liquor won in your state.

ByABC News
July 1, 2015, 12:26 PM
Various bottles of alcohol are displayed on a bar.
Various bottles of alcohol are displayed on a bar.
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— -- One thing’s for sure: America loves its alcohol. But apparently each state loves certain kinds more.

Analyzing information culled from its 700,000 users, drinking social app BARTRENDr compiled data on the most popular beer and liquor brands by state.

Unsurprisingly, Bud Light is the American king of beers, with 33 states naming it its favorite beer. Blue Moon, Corona, Guinness, Heineken and Pabst Blue Ribbon all get honorable mentions. Utah and Nebraska win for most original: Utah most purchases the statemade Polygamy Nitro Porter and Nebraska went with Michigan-based Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale.

On the liquor side, a whopping 42 states chose a whiskey brand as its top tipple, with made-in-America Jack Daniels and cinnamon-flavored Fireball tying as the number one brands.

Only Maryland and Virginia drink enough vodka for it to be a top choice -- guess those politicians like their slim vodka sodas. The other states are an even mix between tequila and rum.

See the full results below:

State: Top Beer Brand, Top Liquor Brand
Alaska: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Alabama: Bud Light, Fireball
Arkansas: Bud Light, Evan Williams
Arizona: Blue Moon, Fireball
California: Blue Moon, Jack Daniels
Colorado: Bud Light, Bacardi
Connecticut: Corona, Patron
Delaware: Bud Light, Crown Royal
Florida: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jack Daniels
Georgia: Corona, Jack Daniels
Hawaii: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Iowa: Bud Light, Fireball/Captain Morgan/Jagermeister
Idaho: Bud Light, Evan Williams
Illinois: Coors/Guinness, Jameson
Indiana: Corona/PBR/Heineken, Patron/Jagermeister/Crown Royal
Kansas: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Kentucky: Bud Light, Crown Royal/Jager
Louisiana: Bud Light, Crown Royal
Massachusetts: Bud Light, Hennessy
Maryland: Bud Light, Svedka/Fireball
Maine: Budweiser, Fireball
Michigan: Bud Light, Jim Beam
Minnesota: Budweiser, Fireball
Mississippi: Bud Light, Fireball
Missouri: Bud Light, Fireball
Montana: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
North Carolina: Heineken, Jack Daniels
North Dakota: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Nebraska: Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale, Fireball
New Hampshire: Bud Light, Fireball
New Jersey: Bud Light/Corona, Fireball/Patron
New Mexico: Bud Light, Fireball
New York: Blue Moon, Hennessy
Nevada: Bud Light, Crown Royal
Ohio: Bud Light, Jack Daniels/Fireball
Oklahoma: Bud Light, Crown Royal
Oregon: Bud Light, Jose Cuervo
Pennsylvania: Guinness, Jameson
Rhode Island: Bud Light, Fireball
South Carolina: Bud Light, George Dickel
South Dakota: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Tennessee: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Texas: Corona, Jack Daniels
Utah: Polygamy Nitro Porter, Jack Daniels
Virginia: Bud Light, Grey Goose
Vermont: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Washington: Bud Light, Fireweed/Patron
Wisconsin: Bud Light, Captain Morgan
West Virginia: Bud Light, Jack Daniels
Wyoming: Bud Light, Fireball