Wife Surprises Husband With Pregnancy on Airline Loudspeaker

Lisa Sadiwnyk collaborated with the airline staff to fulfill the surprise.

ByABC News
February 29, 2016, 7:48 AM

— -- Before the people on American Airlines Flight 607 from Las Vegas to Philadelphia received their safety rundown, they were in for a little surprise. But for one man, it was a big surprise.

"Well Eric although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas you did hit the jackpot," the flight captain announced over the intercom. "Congratulations, you're about to be a dad."

Eric Sadiwnyk's wife, Lisa, 27, was behind the big surprise and recorded the emotional moment on her camera.

She had wanted to surprise her husband when she found out she was pregnant on their trip to Las Vegas in January. "I had to pack pregnancy tests in my bag and make sure my husband wouldn't find them," she told ABC News today.

Sadiwnyk kept the secret from her husband for "almost three days" until she came up with a plan to have it announced on their flight home from Vegas on Jan. 13.

"I sent the email to the crew on the plane asking them to announce it," she explained. She had a letter written out with the announcement of her pregnancy.

When the couple arrived at the airport she saw some of the flight staff show up and board the plane. She sneaked away from her husband to find the staff and explain her plan, she said.

"They were very excited to help," she said. "The flight attendant told me to hand her the letter when I boarded the plan."

After Sadiwnyk handed off the letter she had no idea when the announcement was going to be made. The flight captain announced for "everyone to get out their cameras and cellphones," Sadiwnyk explained. He continue that "it’s going to be a YouTube moment."

It was then that Sadiwnyk started breathing heavily and had her camera positioned on her lap. Her husband looked at her and then at the camera when they announced his seat number.

"I was shaking," she said, "I could not wait for him to know."

When the flight captain surprised Sadiwnyk's husband with the big news he started to wipe tears from his face. The camera didn't capture the Las Vegas onesie that Sadiwnyk surprised her husband with after she stopped recording.

"My husband is a very quiet person," she said. "He’s not an emotional person." Sadiwnyk was glad she had the chance to "tell him and embarrass him at the same time."