Wine Champions 'Victory' for Hillary Clinton

Vintner hopes bottles will boost possible presidential bid.

ByABC News
September 20, 2013, 1:01 PM
Clinton Vineyards' Victory White wine was first produced in 1992 to commemorate the election of President Bill Clinton.
Clinton Vineyards' Victory White wine was first produced in 1992 to commemorate the election of President Bill Clinton.
Keith Ferris for Clinton Vineyards

Sept. 20, 2013— -- Hillary Clinton may not have technically announced a bid for the 2016 election, but that hasn't stopped one of her supporters from toasting a future win on her behalf.

Phyllis Feder, owner of Clinton Vineyards in Clinton Corners, N.Y., released Victory White 2012 vintage this week to encourage the former first lady, senator and secretary of state to run for president in 2016. The winery has no relation to the political family, but it has long been publicly supportive of them.

"I would just like to make a statement in my interests that Hillary become a candidate," said Feder on re-releasing the wine. "Victory has a history of being connected to the Clintons. We released the first vintage of Victory White in 1992 inspired by Bill Clinton's election and again in 1996 for his re-election. Then in 2008 for Hillary and now we're supporting that once again."

The current lot of Victory White, described as buttery and soft on the palate, is a limited edition, with just 435 cases produced, Feder said. A bottle costs $18.50.

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"We've been getting so many requests that I've been unable to keep up with it," she said. "It's been extraordinary."

Not all of the feedback has been positive, however.

"I have heard from some people who say they have never bought my wine and they won't again," said Feder, laughing. "There have been some nasty comments made and that's to be expected. Seeing as I have strongly held opinions, others will too."

Feder said that Clinton had not yet tasted this year's vintage but that she would be sure to send some to her soon. Whether the family will be uncorking it in three years is still up for debate.

"I am going to be focusing on my philanthropies, my charities, my writing and speaking, so I am looking forward to having something resembling kind of a normal life again," Clinton told ABC News in January. "I have no plans or intentions, I don't know how else to say it, but I am going to get back into my life again, see how it feels not having a schedule, waking up and going back to sleep if I choose for a while."