Woman throws full-blown 1st birthday party for her beloved dog

“Frankie is a sassy princess," said the dog's owner.

— -- Behold this paw-fectly pink puppy birthday party.

Chami Rupasinghe of Melbourne, Australia, threw her dog, Frankie, an elaborate first birthday party with dog treats, a ball pit and a cake with Frankie’s portrait on it.

“Frankie is a sassy princess,” Rupasinghe, 20, wrote to ABC News in an email. “She would not settle for anything less than perfect. I wanted to give Frankie and I a day that she could remember.”

To mark the momentous occasion, Rupasinghe had a bubble-blowing session and game of fetch for Frankie and her 14 closest friends.

“There were so many dogs from different breeds and sizes that came,” said the proud owner. “All the way from corgis to golden retrievers, it was a very unique and diverse gathering.”

Rupasinghe said everyone’s reactions to the over-the-top party have been “hilarious.”

“I think a lot of people are surprised that I put this much effort into a dog’s birthday party,” she said. “It’s way more than I have ever put into one of mine. I had always known that Frankie was going to have a very extra birthday party, as soon as I got her. Narrowing down the guest list of dogs and humans to fit in my backyard was the tough part.”

The theme of the party was gold, light pink and white for the “classy puppy,” said Rupasinghe.

“I can’t even express how much I love her,” she said. “She has impacted my life so incredibly much and I cannot imagine a day without her. This party was all for her and I do not regret it one bit.”