Woman's rant on too-sexy Halloween costumes is all of us

Why dress like a maid when you're already doing maid duties 365 days a year?

ByABC News
October 27, 2017, 10:35 AM

— -- When it comes to Halloween costumes, women know finding one that's not overtly sexy can feel next to impossible.

Leave it to comedian Carey Rielly to shine a light on this all-too-common problem with humor.

"When did Halloween become the new swimsuit season?" she asks in her hilarious video rant.

Rielly told ABC News she was inspired to make the video while shopping recently with her kids for costumes.

"I couldn’t believe how almost every costume was so overtly sexualized," she said. "Apparently if you are a woman you can only be a naughty cop, a hot firefighter or cat costume named, 'Purrfect Playmate.'"

Rielly said she worries about what kind of message such costumes send to kids.

"I almost thought maybe I should shield my kids’ eyes when they were looking at the pictures," Reilly said. "Almost all the women costumes came with either a buster or fishnet stockings. Seriously? My only choices are a nurse’s costume called 'Hospital Honey' or a French maid costume called 'Sassy Maid?'"

The final straw, she said, were the "sexy" Ronald McDonald, goldfish and pizza costumes. "I thought, 'Wow, this is really messed up.'"

And given current events, the message about too-sexy costumes is even more important.

"With the latest sex allegations happening in Hollywood I just felt like it was time to shine a light on the Halloween costume industry," she said. "Where are the costumes for all women? Even if I was a size 2 I would not wear a costume like this."

Rielly is going to repeat a costume from a previous year when she dresses up next week.

"I’ve decided to bring back one of my favorite costumes from two years ago, and it’s cat lady," she said. "It’s the most comfortable costume ever. I wear a velour housecoat with stuffed cats climbing all over me. Not sexy at all but so comfortable and always a hit."

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