World Play-Doh Day: What Happens When Adults See Play-Doh for the First Time in Years

Play-Doh has been evoking powerful feelings of nostalgia since 1956.

— -- It's bright. It's squishy. It smells like elementary school.

With 2 billion cans sold, Play-Doh and its intoxicating aroma have been evoking powerful feelings of nostalgia since that first lid was popped in 1956.

In honor of today's World Play-Doh Day, ABC news employees were invited to relive their youth by manipulating the magical compound and chatting about the fond memories it brought back.

Some 59 years later, staffers recalled Play-Doh's original colors (red, blue yellow, and white), the can's outer appearance and the unforgettable, "smell of your childhood."

There was no argument that the legendary scent remained the same. As for new hues, Play-Doh has since expanded to over 50 different colors and shades including forest green, neon orange and lavender -- to name a few.

Red was the number one color that participants pointed out as being absent, four out of six people remembered the cans being larger and Play-Doh Pete, the beret-wearing cartoon mascot who appeared on the can until 2002, was remembered by half the group.

After squeezing, molding, and proudly presenting their creations, the team agreed that even as adults, Play-Doh still has the ability to make them smile.