8-year-old boy raises over $6K to buy best friend new wheelchair

Paul Burnett knows his BFF Kamden Houshan needs new wheels.

— -- A California boy decided to raise funds to buy a brand new, customized wheelchair for his best friend, whose current wheelchair had become ill-fitting -- and his good will gesture has already exceeded expectations.

Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan met in kindergarten. The two 8-year-old boys, who are headed for third grade in the fall, instantly became friends, their mothers told ABC News.

"They spend a lot of time together," said Jenny Burnett. "They talk every day and every Saturday. We do a family dinner so he sees a lot of what Kamden goes through."

Since doctors couldn't completely remove the tumors, Kamden has check-ups every six months.

"Normally I would just work, but since I work in special education, if I’m gone for a few months it throws a lot of our students off," she explained. "It’s better for them if I’m not there… and that takes money away [from the family] that I usually make. That’s the tough part."

So when she learned in June that her boy’s best friend decided to raise money so that he could get a new wheelchair, she couldn’t believe it.

Kamden would otherwise have to wait another two years to receive a new wheelchair from his state's insurance, as they only pay for one wheelchair every five years.

Burnett, 37, said her youngest son sees what his best friend goes through regularly.

"He’s witnessed Kamden fall out of his chair -- not only on play dates, but at school," the mother of four said. "It happened a lot, but we didn’t really know it."

"I still can’t believe it," Houshan said. "All of this is happening for us...for him?"

She credits Burnett and her family for the small miracle.

"Paul is more than just a friend to him. He’s like a brother," Houshan began. "But it's not just Paul. It's Jenny and her family. They're the biggest hearted people I've ever met. I'm so blessed God brought them into our lives."

Burnett said they plan to gift Kamden his new wheelchair in August, "because it's custom-fitted and it takes about a month to make," she said.

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