4-year-old honored by Chicago police after 911 call saves mom's life

"She did an awesome job," mom Sue Koval told ABC News.

ByABC News
March 23, 2017, 2:05 PM

— -- A preschooler is being hailed as a hero after making a 911 call that saved her mother's life, police say.

Aria Koval, 4, was honored by Chicago police Wednesday for her quick thinking after mom Sue Koval suffered a severe asthma attack in their home.

"She did an awesome job," Koval, 28, told ABC News today. "She was a little nervous and scared, understandably, but she kept her composure through the 911 call and I don't even think an adult could've handle it the way she did."

On March 10, Koval was setting up lunch for Aria while her youngest daughter Penelope, 2, napped.

Soon after, Koval, who has a minor case of asthma, began wheezing and called her husband, Robert, to tell him she wasn't feeling well. That was the last thing she remembered before losing consciousness, she said.

"I didn't realize it was that bad and by that time I had fainted," Sue Koval recalled. "I woke up to police here and it's all thanks to my daughter."

Aria Koval, at right, was honored by police on March 22, 2017, for dialing emergency after her mother, Sue Koval, left, suffered a severe asthma attack at their home in Chicago, Ill. Her younger sister, Penelope Koval, age 2 is seen at bottom.
Chicago Police Dept.

Robert Koval, 30, told ABC News that he and his wife taught Aria how to call 911.

"[I said] If something were to happen and I'm not there and something happens to your mother, this is what you need to do," Robert Koval said. "She was kind of scared because she didn't really know what was going on with her mom ... but she was happy that she did something to save her mom."

Before dialing 911, Aria covered her mom with a blanket, then remained on the phone with the dispatcher and answered the door for police.

Koval came to and was taken to Community First Medical Center in Chicago for evaluation. She was treated and has recovered.

The citation that was presented to Aria Koval after the four-year-old called Emergency Services on March 10, 2017 when her mother, Sue Koval, suffered a severe asthma attack at their home in Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago Police Dept.

On March 22, Aria was awarded an "Honorary Commendation" by the Chicago Police Department.

"Deputy Chief Alfred Nagode and 16th District Commander William Looney, on behalf of the Chicago Police Department, issued a Certificate of Recognition to 4-year-old Aria Koval who on March 10, 2017, placed a blanket over her mother, dialed 911 and calmly waited for first responders to arrive," the Chicago Police Department said in a statement to ABC News. "Aria's mother, Suejeily [Sue], suffered a severe asthma attack and had become unresponsive. The brave and swift actions of this amazing girl saved the life of her mother and the department was honored to recognize her heroism that day."

Sue Koval said Aria was "beaming with excitement" after receiving her award.