2-year-old steals the show at Louisiana high school homecoming game

"These girls are head over heels for her," mom Micah Malone told ABC News.

— -- One toddler has become the star of a Louisiana high school’s halftime show thanks to her dance moves.

Ollie Malone, 2, was captured on video dancing with Southwood High School's flag line and dance team in Shreveport during homecoming on Sept. 30.

The girl's mom, Micah Malone, is the coach for the high school's dance team, the Silver Spurs.

"These girls are head over heels for her," Malone told ABC News. "She stands with the girls and dances with them in the stands. This year, she started going down to the field because she's a little older."

Malone and her husband, Cody, are both teachers at Southwood High School.

Ollie has a uniform to match the Silver Spurs and dances with them at every home game, Malone said.

Ollie's dance moves went viral after her mom shared the video on Facebook of her dancing at homecoming.

"It just went crazy from there," Micah Malone said. "Overnight, it was at over a million views."

"We just have so much support at the school and we are a big family," she added.