Adventures in Plant-Sitting: Guy Pals Around With Co-Worker’s Potted Plant at Park, Playground

When a co-worker asked him to watch her potted plant, Eric Freeman got creative.

— -- When Eric Freeman’s co-worker asked him to spend time with her office plant while she was away for a few days, he and his roommate and colleagues put their heads together to come up with ideas to show the plant a good time.

The 24-year-old computer programmer analyst from Augusta, Georgia, chronicled the amusing adventures in pictures that show him taking the potted plant to the playground, having coffee with it, taking it out on the train tracks and walking the leashed plant in the park.

Freeman acknowledged that he was on the receiving end of several weird looks when he took the plant out in public.

“I knew what I was doing was ridiculous. I knew it was stupid but I was OK with it,” he said in an interview with ABC News on Wednesday.

He posted the images on Reddit and “it just kind of exploded,” he said.

Freeman’s co-worker – her first name is Kelly but he declined to give her last name – asked him only to check in on the plant but he didn’t need to water it, he said, adding that he doesn’t have a green thumb.

Many of the comments online questioned Freeman’s level of enthusiasm and suggested that he was trying to impress his co-worker and probably get her to date him. When ABC News asked Freeman, who is single, whether there was any truth to those suggestions, he declined to answer the question. He did say she found the whole thing hilarious.