'Psychic Twins' Say Their Predictions Include Elections, 9/11 Attacks

Linda and Terry Jamison built careers from using what they call "twin-tuition."

June 28, 2011— -- Linda and Terry Jamison said they always believed they were different. Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, the twin sisters noticed they shared a special connection, even at a young age.

"We had our own twin language when we were about 3," Linda Jamison said. "We were so much alike and we just kind of connected telepathically."

The sisters said they were even telepathic in the womb, thinking the same thoughts and sharing the same dreams. But Linda and Terry claim to read not only each others' minds: Coining the phrase "twin-tuition," they say they can see into the future.

After moving out to Los Angeles, Terry and Linda Jamison began calling themselves "The Psychic Twins," and said they use their "twin-tuition" to give psychic readings, charging upwards of $500 per person.

The twins said they want to make their "gift" accessible to all, with aspirations of their own psychic television show as well as a book to help others develop their so-called psychic intelligence; a how-to guide to using and trusting one's own intuition.

Read an excerpt from their book "Psychic Intelligence"

"Everybody has intuition, intuitive ability that's worth developing," Linda Jamison said.

"We really believe that here is no limit to what the mind and the spirit are capable of," Terry Jamison added. "We feel everyone is limitless."

The sisters live together, paint together and interrupt one another in mid-sentence. They are convinced they share everything, even a soul.

"It's as if we're operating on the same frequency or vibration, almost as one organism," Linda said.

From vivid nightmares to illness, the twins said they shared it all, even as they were growing up.

"Everything was identical," Terry said. "If I had a pain in my right ankle, she would have a pain in her right ankle."

Throughout high school, the twins were sick all the time. They said it was because they could feel each other's pain.

"We suffered for many, many years and, in fact, probably all our lives," Terry said.

Father Phil Jamison said, "These twins of mine are like one person."

the twins' mother and father were accomplished artists and, as children, Terry and Linda also developed a creative talent. After college, they moved to New York City to become performance artists, where they created the characters, The Glamazons and the Pointed Sisters.

It wasn't until 2003 that they decided to move out to Los Angeles to create an industry around their unusual intuitive power.

Twins Describe Their Most Famous Predictions

The sisters argue that spirit guides direct them in another-worldly process they call "automatic writing." The twins claim that these guides helped them predict two stock market crashes, the recent floods and tornadoes in the Midwest, and both the election and re-election of President George W. Bush.

"We tried to get the message out as much as we possibly could," Terry said.

"We even email predictions to various journalists, and they don't always publish them, but we do the best we can," Linda added.

But the twins say they are keeping quiet about the political landscape this time around.

"We get attacked, like you wouldn't believe," Terry Jamison said.


Perhaps their most famous prediction occurred nearly two years before planes flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001. The sisters appeared on the Art Bell Radio show and can be heard predicting possible terrorist attacks on the federal government and the World Trade Center.

"We both had written exactly in detail all of the events of 9/11 and even the simultaneous attack on the Pentagon," Terry said.

Although some of their predictions have been tough to independently confirm, the twins say they use the powers for the purpose of helping others, not for financial gain.

"We don't buy stocks and we don't gamble," Terry said. "We were taught that if you do it to become wealthy, you would lose the gift."

"The gift is for other people," Linda added.

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