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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


George H.W. Bush, in his own words, reflects on his presidency, family

In previous ABC News interviews with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer, the 41st president spoke about his political life and his sons, George and Jeb.
Dec 6

George H.W. Bush: An intimate look at the life of a president

"Nightline" takes a look at the tributes to the former president and the incredible relationships he had with his wife and family.
Dec 4

Millions leave Venezuela to keep their families alive: Part 1

As economic crisis worsens in Venezuela, families are caught in a dire situation: forced to skip meals, work extra jobs and more to survive.
Dec 5

Venezuelan migrants in mass exodus face more challenges: Part 2

The millions fleeing Venezuela face immigration hurdles, hunger and the cruel reality that they must turn to desperate measures to earn little money.
Dec 5

Three years after Sandra Bland's death, questions still swirl around her case

A new HBO documentary examines Bland's complex story, her family's desperate search for answers, and reveals never-before-seen evidence in the case.
Dec 4