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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


YouTube sensation 'The Slow Mo Guys' turns ordinary objects into extraordinary videos

The English duo of Dan Gruchy and Gavin Free started a YouTube channel with super slow-motion videos that turned into an internet smash.
Jan 18

Cyntoia Brown: From convicted murderer to victims' advocate

Filmmaker Daniel Birman has been documenting Brown's journey from when she was first arrested at 16 for murdering a real estate agent she claimed solicited her for sex.
Jan 17

How Gillette, other brands use ads to tap into social movements

Their latest ad addressing "toxic masculinity" in the #MeToo era has generated controversy and conversation, and other companies have integrated powerful messages into their sale pitches.
Jan 17

The chilling true story behind 'Dirty John'

Debra Newell shares the story of how she fell in love with a violent conman that has inspired a podcast, TV series and documentary.
Jan 12

'Nightline' documentary, podcast: 'The Dropout,' the story of Elizabeth Holmes

Each new episode in the six-episode podcast will be available on Wednesdays.
Jan 16