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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


Harvey Weinstein's alleged victims speak out, now 'have real hope for justice'

"We, the women, finally have real hope for justice," one accuser wrote.
May 26

'Dear White People' creator on 'giving voice' to stories mirroring real life

“It's made the series a bit more urgent,” the writer-director told “Nightline.”
May 23

Milwaukee police release body cam footage of Sterling Brown's arrest

In January, the 23-year-old Milwaukee Bucks rookie was tased and arrested by police, but the incident did not result in criminal charges and prompted an internal investigation.
May 24

How 'Star Wars' fans Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich prepped for 'Solo'

After being cast, Glover and Ehrenreich reached out to the originators of their roles, Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams.
May 24

Who is behind the internet's 'youngest flexer,' 9-year-old 'Lil Tay'?

"It's all me," the 9-year-old with over 2 million Instagram followers said.
May 23