A Glimpse into the World of a Pet Psychic

Pet psychic Melissa Bacelar shares her story.

July 31, 2013, 7:13 PM
PHOTO: melissa bacelar, pet psychic
The Lookout team explores the world of pet psychic, Melissa Bacelar.
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July 31, 2013 — -- What if somebody told you that a parrot knows he's beautiful? Or that a Chihuahua has trust issues? These are the insights of Melissa Bacelar.

Bacelar is a pet psychic.

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It's clear Bacelar is an animal lover. She shares her home in Los Angeles with her husband, her son, seven dogs and three rabbits. But what sets Bacelar apart from the average pet enthusiast is what she describes as psychic abilities. She says animals communicate with her through telepathic messages and feelings.

Though she's always felt a connection to animals, she wasn't always a pet psychic. Until recently, Bacelar was an actress. And for much of her acting career, she's been a horror movie scream queen.

So how did an actress turn into a pet psychic? Bacelar has always felt connected to animals and, after seeking the services of a pet psychic herself, she realized she could hone her psychic ability to communicate with one of her dogs. She then took classes to further focus her visions.

And now, she charges for it, unless she's reading pets for charity or at her pet store that doubles as an animal rescue organization, Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail.

Bacelar is primarily a dog whisperer, but claims she can communicate with any species -- though she does admit that animals that spend more time with people give her more vivid visions and are easier to communicate with than wild animals.

Bacelar says that she has never gotten a reading wrong, and insists that pet owners know she's the real deal because her clients are people that know and love their pets, "so it's going to be something that I say that lets them know that I'm talking to their pet."

She currently charges $100 to $200 per session, but charges more for reaching animals who have passed away, "because it's a little bit more difficult and sometimes it takes a little more time on my part."

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