Meet the Students from the University of Hong Kong

Meet the students reporting from abroad.

ByABC News
May 18, 2009, 5:19 PM

Jan. 26, 2010— -- This year 12 students from the University of Hong Kong will contribute to the ABC News on Campus program as 'Roving Reporters.'

The 'Roving Reporter' program gives aspiring journalists who are not formally part of the ABC News on Campus program the opportunity to contribute material to ABC. To learn more about 'Roving Reporter' please click HERE.

Thanks to a grant secured by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, at the University of Hong Kong , each student will have the opportunity to develop projects for ABC News. Some will be paid to travel to other Asia destinations on reporting visits. The partnership marks the first collaboration between ABC News on Campus and a journalism school outside the United States. Under the tutelage of Jim Laurie, an ABC News veteran who now teaches at HKU, the students will pitch stories directly to ABC News in New York, with the goal of completing six packages throughout the course of the semester for use on one or more of ABC News' platforms.

The students, identified as the best and brightest from the HKU, hail from a variety of backgrounds and several different countries.

Read their bios below to learn more.

Suzanne van der Erf is a student at the University of Hong Kong and is now pursuing a master's degree in journalism. Born in the Netherlands, she has traveled to almost all the continents and has lived in the United States, the U.K. and Hong Kong. Van der Erf's interest in journalism began at the early age of 8, when she wrote and edited her own magazine and sold it to schoolmates. Her passion for journalism never really left her.

Besides working for ABC News on Campus, van der Erf works as a multi-media freelancer, doing video, photography and writing for a variety of publications, some of which are in her native language Dutch. A background in qualitative and quantitative market research has proved to be of use in her journalistic career. In her spare time, van der Erf enjoys updating her blog and managing her e-business website.