Biden Acknowledges Clinton's Unpopularity, Frames Trump's 'Cockamamie' Policies as Out of Touch

The VP hit the campaign trail for Clinton in the battleground state of Ohio.

ByABC News
September 1, 2016, 1:04 PM

— -- Vice President Biden donned his ‘middle-class Joe’ hat today as he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, revisiting themes from his fiery Democratic National Convention speech as he attacked Donald Trump for being out of touch with the needs of rural voters.

“My biggest problem with Donald Trump is not his cockamamie policies, it's the way he treats people,” Biden said. “Think about growing up in your house, at your kitchen table, if you ever talked about how cool it was that John down the street got fired. 'You're fired' -- a phrase he has made famous -- you ought to come from a household were some people were fired.”

Instead of touching on any news that Trump has generated over the past 24 hours, Biden looked to bring the Mahoning Valley voters back to the kind of ‘kitchen table’ talk he has been known to use in previous campaigns.

“Folks, we all come from the same neighborhood,” Biden told the crowd of around 250 voters. “And this other guy -- he is not a bad guy. He doesn't understand this anymore what you -- anymore than you understand what it is like to live in a 30,000 square-foot penthouse 80 floors up in New York.”

The vice president's apparent attempt to connect with voters while suggesting Trump's disconnect included acknowledging one of the bigger elephants in the room -- the Democratic nominee’s broad unpopularity among a growing number of members of her own party.

"I know some of you are mad at Hillary,” Biden said. “But let me tell you, she gets it. And she never yields. She does not break."

Biden sought to emphasize that the behavior and temperament of Clinton's opponent make him a dangerous alternative. "Trump world is already making us less safe," the vice president said.

“This is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that he is choking on it because now his foot is in his mouth -- along with the spoon!” Biden said.

Biden will head to Cleveland later today after touring a neighborhood in Warren, Ohio.

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