A Look Back at Nine of 2009's Best Political Flubs, Gaffes and Laughs

From Obama's oath of office to Tom DeLay's Texas two-step.

ByNitya Venkataraman
December 22, 2009, 12:13 PM

WASHINGTON, Dec. 28, 2009 -- Call them flubs, gaffes or simply nine of 2009's unscripted political moments -- fortunately caught on tape -- that made us want to send links to our friends to watch over and over.

This was the year of party crashers, celebrity dancers, and beer summits. We went hiking on the Appalachian trail. We even saw the president's Senate seat for sale.

Take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy some of the most interesting and unexpected moments from this year in politics. Watch our highlight reel HERE and then re-live the moments in more detail below.

1. Chief Justice John Roberts Flubs President Obama's Oath of Office

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