Fighting for Rock Solid Ground in the Granite State

— -- Last week, McCain advisor Mark Salter mentioned New Hampshire, as well as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Minnesota as key battleground states Republicans hope to win.

On the road to the White House, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama scuffle for just four electoral votes in the Grantite state.

The state went to Republicans in 2000, but voters there opted for Democratic candidates in 1992, 1996 and 2004.

This time around, the Granite state's early January primaries were close calls for both Democrat and Republican contenders. Republican presidential candidate John McCain won the Republican contest with 37 percent of the vote to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's 32 percent. New York senator Hillary Clinton won the Democrat's battle in New Hampshire with 39 percent of the vote to Democratic presidential pick Barack Obama's 37 percent.

Check back to see when ABC News heads to New Hampshire and learn more about how the race will shape up for the candidates.