No Threat to Democratic Stronghold in Vermont

— -- Vermont's three electoral votes will likely end up in Sen. Barack Obama's tally without much of a fight.

Sen. John McCain can try to reach the pockets of religious conservatives tucked throughout Vermont but in 1988, the once-reliably red New England state made a hard left turn and never looked back. Both McCain and Obama were winners in the Vermont's March primary.

Both the state's senators -- Democrat Patrick Leahy and Independent Bernard Sanders -- were early supporters of Obama's presidential bid. The state's former Gov. Howard Dean made his own unsuccessful run for the White House in 2004 and now chairs the Democratic party.

And if you need more evidence of Vermont's left-of-center tendencies...

In March, voters in two Vermont towns approved ballot measures calling for a Bush-Cheney indictment.

Check back to see when ABC News' heads to Vermont!