Tar Heel Blue or Red?

— -- Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain are locked in a competitive race for the state of North Carolina. One of the battleground states in this year's presidential election, the Tar Heel State has voted Republican in the last four national elections.

But, while the state has been a Republican stronghold in years past, recent trends suggest there may be an opportunity for Democrats to turn the state blue.

Obama emerged victorious over Sen. Hillary Clinton in the May primary, largely backed by African-Americans, he took the state with 91 percent of the black vote and 56 percent of the total vote. McCain also won the state's Republican primary, besting his competitors with 74 percent of the vote.

With 15 electoral votes on the table, both candidates have invested in North Carolina, pouring organizational resources into the traditionally red state.

The latest ABC News assessment categorizes North Carolina as "Battleground," but check back soon for more updates from ABC News.