Hillary on Board, Palin in Mind

Hillary Clinton hops on board the Whistle-Stop tour train.

— -- ALBANY, N.Y. -- There's a certain charm to confusion in that when you don't know exactly what's going on, you're sometimes pleasantly surprised.

Such was the case just now in Albany, New York when we stopped momentarily and, much to my surprise, Sen. Hillary Clinton boarded the train.

She boarded straight through the "Good Morning America" offices where I was fiddling with footage from earlier today, walking not ten feet away from me.

Tune in to "Good Morning America" tomorrow to see Diane Sawyer's full interview with Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Eyes wide but hands at the ready, I grabbed for my camera. Luckily Cleo, a much better photographer, beat me to it and snapped a few pictures.

What Hillary and Diane talked about is top secret and not to be released until tomorrow's show, but I've got my sources and I do know that Diane asked if Hillary was secretly pulling for Palin to break the now-famous "glass ceiling."

Tomorrow morning "Good Morning America" will air that answer along with full interview with the former presidential candidate.

After her interview with Diane was finished, Hillary chatted with the other anchors and then they all came out of the train together to meet "GMA" fans and Clinton supporters on the station platform.

Sporting her usual sophisticated pantsuit — light blue this time — Hillary made her way through the crowd and waved to more fans that were further away behind fences.

In the back of some of their minds must be a question that has been commented on recently by both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden — Would the election be different if Obama had chosen her for VP?

But just like that she was off and so were we. Now I'm back to fumbling with my camera and preparing for our next stop.

What will happen there? It's likely to surprise me as much as you.

I mean, they just said over the loud speaker, "In the next leg we will be going 100 miles per hour. We've never done that before. Hold on."

What can I do? I hang on.