Parking Lot Politics: North Carolina Lot Says No Parking for Obama Supporters

Lot owner says Obama supporters are not welcome to park in his lot.

— -- A North Carolina parking lot owner says supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate are no longer welcome to park their cars.

WFMY reports Tim Henderson, who owns a parking lot in Gibsonville, N.C., "put up "no parking" signs targeting Barack Obama supporters."

The lot owner tells WFMY that his message is clear: He's posted two signs discouraging Obama supporters or those in cars with Obama stickers displayed on them from parking there.

"I don't know how many ways you can interpret it. If you're an Obama supporter, you've got an Obama sticker on your car, you're not welcome to park here," Henderson told the Greensboro CBS affiliate station.

Henderson, a backer of Republican candidate John McCain, contends he wouldn't actually tow parked Obama supporters out of his lot, he's just injecting humor into the presidential race with his parking lot politics.

It's caused something of a local stir -- but Henderson insists the signs will stay up through the November 4 general election and that those who are rubbed the wrong way can "stay offended or get over it".

Dave Dicke, who works at a state agency near the lot where employees have been parking for years, calls the Henderson's edict "ridiculous".

Dicke tells WFMY, "It's telling me because I have a sticker, or I support, I believe in something, I'm not allowed to park here, and this is where I park for work. I have to park here."