Michelle Obama and the First Daughters on British Holiday

The Obama ladies visit famous landmarks during their London tour.

LONDON, June 9, 2009 — -- President Obama may have dominated European diplomacy in recent days, but Michelle Obama and their two young daughters have captured the headlines with their stealthy trip to London.

After causing a frenzy on Monday by having tea with the prime minister's wife at 10 Downing St., visiting Westminster, the Tower of London and a London pub, the first family slipped off the radar today.

There were widespread reports that the girls, Malia,10, and Sasha, 8, along with first lady Michelle Obama had been invited to visit the set where the final Harry Potter movie is being filmed, but the White House refused to confirm those reports.

Vanessa Davies, publicist for Harry Potter, denied there was a visit planned.

"There is no Obama visit, not as far as I know. I feel I would be in the loop if there was such a visit," said Davies.

On Monday, the Obamas startled and delighted the staff of The Audley pub in the Mayfair district across from the U.S. Embassy.

The Obamas made reservations for 25 people, although restaurant employees did not know in advance that the large party included the first family.

"We were all speechless when they walked in. I couldn't believe it," said Cintia Pinto, 24, one of the waitresses who served the Obamas.

Obamas Visit Westminster, Tower of London

The group arrived at 7 p.m. and was seated in a private dining room on an upper floor of the pub.

"They were all very friendly. Smiling and laughing. . . . the girls were so sweet and polite. They thanked us every time we brought them something. It was a real honor," said Pinto.

Michelle Obama ordered a sirloin steak while the girls both ordered a traditional pub meal of fish and chips, confirmed a restaurant representative.

Their unofficial jaunt included some of England's most famous landmarks as well as a visit with Sarah Brown, the prime minister's wife.

Details of their meeting were not available but many of the British papers report they all enjoyed afternoon tea at Downing St.

Among the stops for the famous tourists were the Houses of Parliament and the famous landmark Big Ben.

Photographers snapped a picture of Michelle in a black Chrysler motorcade leaving Westminster. A member of the Obama entourage who was seated across from Michelle was seen holding a tourist's guide to the Commons which featured a glossy cover photo of the just ousted Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin.

The Obama entourage also visited the Tower of London which is celebrating the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII's accession to the throne.