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TUESDAY AT THE DNC CONVENTION: Former Vt. Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. Dick Gephardt, Ron Reagan, Chris Heinz, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Keynote Speaker Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama. CONVENTION SPEAKER LIST MONDAY CONVENTION WIRE ARCHIVE

KERRY: Rallies at Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, Va., Philly Museum of Art... MORE | MORE

EDWARDS Leaves Raleigh for Boston...

BUSH is at his ranch in Crawford, Texas with no scheduled events until Friday bus tour, except maybe mountain biking...

CHENEY: Speaks at a rally for troops at Camp Pendleton, at a luncheon for Congressional candidate Roy Ashburn in Bakersfield, Calif., at a reception for Senatorial candidate Bill Jones in Riverside, Calif. MORE


The NY Times' Nagourney wraps day one at the Democratic Party National Convention. LINK

Teresa Heinz Kerry's comments were "exactly what many Democrats had dreaded," reports Jim Rutenberg of the NY Times. LINK

The WSJ previews Ron Reagan's speech at today's DNC Convention on stem cell research. LINK

The Wash Post's Kurtz looks at the RNC "rapid response" team in Boston. LINK

NEW ABC/WP POLL: KERRY SLIPS: Kerry loses momentum, Bush claws back on issues and attributes... Kerry loses support against Bush in trust to handle five of six issues, including terrorism, Iraq, taxes, health care. Kerry's ratings on personal attributes honesty, strong leadership, consistency, empathy and others soften as well... Horserace numbers: 49 Bush, 48 Kerry // 48 Bush, 46 Kerry, 3 Nader...

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