Barbie's New 'I Can Be … President' Campaign

Barbie made bids for the presidency in 1992 and 2000.

ByABC News
April 9, 2012, 3:02 PM

April 9, 2012 -- Unsatisfied with the current line-up of presidential candidates? You may be in luck. There's a third-party candidate who recently announced her "glam-paign."

She's backed by the non-partisan organization the White House Project, she's not a Washington insider, but she does have plenty of name recognition.

Who is this latest challenger for the White House? It's Barbie, of course.

The much loved doll has launched her "I Can Be ... President" campaign, the nominee of her own "B Party."

While some may criticize Barbie for her lack of consistency -- she has changed careers over 130 times in her 53 years (and for many other things -- from her choice of clothing, to her unrealistic figure), she has very loyal fans, which no doubt will help her garner significant support for her candidacy.

See Photos of Barbie Through the Years

The presidential doll comes complete with a pink skirt suit with patriotically-colored trim, designed by Chris Benz, who also has dressed first lady Michelle Obama.

This isn't Barbie's inaugural run for president. She made her first bid for the presidency in 1992, and ran again in 2000 -- well before Hillary Clinton began her historic campaign in 2008.

The presidential doll comes in several versions -- there are black, white, Hispanic, and Asian dolls,which has some wondering if there will be a B Party primary to determine one candidate before the start of the general election.

Now that Barbie has declared her candidacy, it is apparently high time she stand on her own two feet. And she is now doing just that; one of the features of her new outfit is her office wedge heels that allow her to stand freely on any flat surface -- a first for Barbie. The high heels that have accompanied her previous outfits did not allow for independent standing.

Barbie even has a tumblr to serve as the B Party "Glam-Paign" headquarters.

Presidential hopeful Barbie is meant to serve as a role model for girls and encourage them to dream big dreams. The White House Project, a non-partisan, non-governmental organization that "ignites the leadership of women in business and politics," according to its website, collaborated with Barbie's manufacturer, Mattel, in creating the doll.

Though Barbie officially announced her campaign last Thursday, the doll will hit store shelves by August, just in time for the kick off of the real general election season.