DNC Scavenger Hunt: Can You Spot These Celebs and Swag?

From celebrities to swag can you spot these things at the Democratic Convention?

Sept. 5, 2012 -- intro: As Democrats descend on Charlotte, N.C., this week for the Democratic National Convention, they are not afraid to wear their Obama love on their sleeve.

The 6,000 delegates packing into the Time Warner Cable Arena have no shortage of swag and spunk. Whether you're watching from home on the ABC livestream or wandering the convention halls, can you spot some of these kooky items and notable characters at the Democratic Convention?

Any scavenger hunt items we're missing? Add them to the comments section or tweet them to @ABC using the #DNC2012 hashtag.

1. Piece of Clothing Completely Covered in Sequins

2. Twin Politicians

3. Hollywood Star or Other Celebrity

4. Hat Overtaken By American Pride

5. Super Fancy Signage

quicklist: 2title: Piece of Clothing Completely Covered in Sequins text: Hats swimming in sequins may be a fashion faux pas on the streets of New York City, but at a political convention they are as welcome as campaign buttons. ABC News spotted this sequins-covered hat among the sea of delegates Tuesday night. media: 17161653

quicklist: 4title: Twin Politicians text: Nope, you aren't seeing double. The keynote speaker of the Democratic Convention, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has a twin.

Julian Castro was introduced Tuesday night by his identical brother Joaquin. The only way to tell the two apart is their left ring finger. Julian wears a gold band wedding ring, but his unmarried brother's ring finger is bare. media: 17155340

quicklist: 1title: Hollywood Star or Other Celebritytext: President Obama has racked up his share of celebrity supporters and appeared at numerous Hollywood fundraisers, so it comes as no surprise that some of those big name endorsers are afoot at his nominating convention.

ABC has so far spotted Wayne Knight (aka Newman from "Seinfeld"), "Moulin Rouge" actor John Leguizamo, actress Ashley Judd, singer Wil.i.am and "Harold and Kumar" actor Kal Penn.media: 17154915

quicklist: 3title: Hat Overtaken By American Pridetext: There are buttons and banners, t-shirts and rally towels, but just one item of Democratic swag isn't enough for some delegates. Why have one pro-Obama button when you can have 20?

That looks like the motto for Kathleen Harmon of San Diego, who showed off her Democratic swag-covered hat.media: 17154235

quicklist: 5title: Super Fancy Signage text: The days of flimsy handheld signs are so last year at the Democratic convention. Delegates whipped out double-sided, multi-colored and sometimes bilingual signs mounted on white handles.

The blue side read "Forward," the red side read "Not Back." And in orange, while San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro spoke, signs reading "Oportunidad" (opportunity in Spanish) emerged on the floor. ABC's Cecilia Vega snapped this photo of the multi-message sign trio. media: 17161483