GOP Convention Scavenger Hunt

PHOTO: Cheesehead for Romney at Republican National Convention.

A tropical storm may have delayed the start of the Republican National Convention, but it definitely did not put a damper on the delegates.

As the convention kicked off today, the Tampa Bay Times Forum was brimming with spontaneous delegate dancing, raucous rounds of cheers and boos and more unusual attire than Florida has seen since Halloween.

Whether you're watching the action on the ABC News live stream, on TV or in person from Tampa, can you spot these wacky items and quirky folks at the GOP convention?

1. Beer Box Cowboy Hat

2. Paul Ryan Mask

3. Colorful Protester

4. News Anchor in Action

5. Swarm of State Flag Shirts

6. Abe Lincoln Impersonator

7. Misspelled State Sign

8. The Only Romney Challenger Still Technically in the Race

9. Hawaiian Lei

10. Cheesehead Hat

Any oddities we've missed? Tweet them to us using the hashtag #2012gop and we'll include them!

PHOTO: This might be the coolest hat on the convention floor. I wonder where the beer went? #2012GOP
Beer Box Cowboy Hat

What do you do with an empty box of Yuengling lagers? Why, make a cowboy hat of course! This GOP convention-goer crossed paths with ABC's John Parkinson on the convention floor Wedesday night just minutes before Sen. Rand Paul took the stage.

PHOTO: ABC's John Parkinson tweeted this photo and commented "Lots of @PaulRyanVP masks floating around the convention floor ahead of the Budget guru's big speech tonight," August 29, 2012.
A Paul Ryan Mask

Hours before Mitt Romney's runningmate Paul Ryan was set to take the stage at the GOP convention, these masks of the Congressman's face swept through the convention hall. ABC's John Parkinson picked up this

Who Says Protesters Don't Have a Sense of Humor?
Dave Martin/AP Photo
A Colorful Protester

While Republicans are rallying inside, protesters are parading outside. A group of about 30 masked Occupy protesters blocked traffic to the Tampa Bay Times Forum Tuesday. The group was overwhelmed by hundreds of officers in riot gear. Other activists took a more playful approach, dancing and marching near the convention area.

Behind the Scenes at the RNC
Jill McClain
A News Anchor in Action

There are an estimated 15,000 journalists swarming the GOP convention, but only a handful of network news anchors. Can you spot ABC News' Diane Sawyer?

She has been crisscrossing the convention this week, stopping to chat with the five Romney sons and House Speaker John Boehner Monday, asking Ann Romney a few questions in front of the RNC stage Tuesday and interviewing Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Wednesday.

PHOTO: ABC's John Parkinson tweets this photo of the Texas delegation sporting their matching Texas flag shirts and cowboy hats.
A Swarm of State Flag Shirts

The Texas delegation was dressed head-to-toe state pride during the GOP convention today. They sported Texas state flag shirts and cowboy hats as they cast their state's 155 delegates for Mitt Romney, as shown in this photo tweeted by ABC's John Parkinson.

PHOTO: Convention-goer Allison Finder tweets this photo of an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.
An Abe Lincoln Impersonator

America's 16th president was in the building at the GOP Convention today, in both spirit and costume. This Abraham Lincoln impersonator was spotted and tweeted by convention-goer Allison Finder.

The Only Romney Challenger Still Technically in the Race

Rep. Ron Paul caused quite the stir when he made an appearance on the GOP Convention floor today. Chants of "Ron Paul" followed him through the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

PHOTO: Rick Klein and Hawaiian delegate
A Hawaiian Lei

ABC's Rick Klein donned a lei and snagged a photo with a member of the Hawaii delegation. But the question remains: Are those flowers real?

PHOTO: Cheesehead for Romney at Republican National Convention.
A Cheesehead Hat

It's not every day you see a cheesehead hat in Florida. Unless that day is at the GOP convention and a Wisconsinite is on the ticket. ABC's John Parkinson tweeted this photo of a Romney/Ryan supporter.

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