Hillary Clinton: The Most Traveled Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton: The Most Traveled Secretary of State

Jan. 29, 2013 -- intro: As Hillary Clinton bids farewell to the State Department, she leaves behind the legacy of being the most traveled secretary of state in history.

Here's Hillary Clinton, by the numbers:

quicklist: 1 title: Travel Time text: 2084.21 Hours / 86.8 Days


quicklist: 2 title: Miles Traveled text: 956,733


quicklist:3 title: Countries Visited text: 112


quicklist:4 title: Days Traveled text: 401


quicklist:5 title: Meetings With World Leaders text: 1,700


quicklist: 6 title: Meetings At The White House text: 755


quicklist: 7 title: Airplane Meals text: 570

media: 16662831

quicklist: 8 title: Times Caught Dancing On Camera text: 3

Dancing in Columbia

media: 16144216

quicklist: 9 title: text: Dancing in Malawi

media: 16941888

quicklist: 10 title: text: Dancing in South Africa

media: 16956673