Justice Antonin Scalia's Provocative Comments on Gay Issues

Scalia's Most Controversial Quotables on the Topic of Gay Marriage

March 22, 2013, 12:29 PM

March 26, 2013 — -- Since his appointment to the Supreme Court in 1986, Justice Antonin Scalia has delivered some of the most controversial statements heard from the nation's highest court.

Some of his most notable comments centered on issues pertaining to gay rights, the most controversial of which are listed below.

Romer v. Evans -- 1996

In this 1996 case, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay rights for the first time. The court's majority ruled that individual states had the right to ban discriminatory practices against gay people, with Scalia among those dissenting.

Lawrence v. Texas Dissent -- 2003

The Supreme Court's landmark 6-3 ruling to strike down Texas's anti-sodomy laws provided for some of Scalia's most colorful language. The hearing focused on whether or not consensual sexual intimacy was part of the liberties provided to citizens under the 14th Amendment. The court's ruling upheld these liberties and invalidated laws that criminalized sodomy between consenting adults in Texas and other states with similar legislations. Scalia dissented to the ruling.

American Enterprise Institute Speech -- 2012

In a discussion before the American Enterprise Institute in October 2012, Scalia said solving some of the most controversial topics facing the legal system would be very easy according to his textualist constitutional interpretations. Scalia's comments came nine years after the Lawrence v. Texas ruling, which upheld consenting individuals' rights to sexual privacy in legislation.

Princeton University Appearance -- 2012

In December 2011, Scalia made an appearance at Princeton University to speak about the Constitution. Undergraduate student Duncan Hosie found Scalia's previous statements "extremely offensive" as a homosexual and took the opportunity to ask him about his past comparisons of homosexuality to bestiality and murder.