Obama campaign nixes cell phones at some fundraisers

ByOlivier Knox
May 14, 2012, 10:17 PM

— -- You have to turn off your cell phone on an airplane, but at least you get to keep it. That's not the case when high-flying donors pony up for first-class access to hear President Barack Obama at exclusive fundraisers -- his campaign takes the devices away. So much for live-tweeting or videotaping Obama's pitch.

The Washington Post's David Nakamura -- the "pool" print journalist representing his colleagues and reporting back to them on Obama's trip to New York -- noticed the practice as the president wooed group of about 60 wealthy contributors Monday at the home of Hamilton "Tony" James, president and chief operating officer of Blackstone Group, a large private equity firm. Each of the attendees had shelled out $35,800.

Here's how Nakamura described the scene:

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