Republican Endorsements GOP Candidates Are Still Waiting On

Five endorsements GOP presidential candidates would love to get.

March 29, 2012 -- intro:Mitt Romney scored a major get in the GOP on Wednesday night when Florida Senator and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio endorsed him for president.

Romney will travel to Texas today to formally receive the endorsement of President George H.W. Bush, who previously indicated support for Romney last fall.

There's some debate as to whether these endorsements really matter. Romney has racked up the support of popular figures within the Republican Party, but it hasn't deterred his Republican competitors.

There are still several Republicans who have to endorse a candidate whose choices could impact the race.

Scroll through to see the five mega endorsements Romney -- or any of the GOP candidates -- would love to receive. media:16029547

quicklist: 1title: John Boehnertext: Because of his position as Speaker of the House, it is very unlikely Boehner will endorse a candidate. The Republican Party must stay neutral during the primary season, and Boehner is a major leader within the party. Of course, it is precisely because of this role that his endorsement would mean so much. His endorsement would be a true sign that the party has really chosen their nominee. media:15466614

quicklist: 2title: Mitch Danielstext: The current governor of Indiana is a respected figure within the GOP. Many members of the party had hoped he would make a run for president. His endorsement would offer either additional institutional support for Romney, or an influx of institutional support for Santorum. Plus, it would probably help his chosen endorsee score the majority of those 46 delegates at stake in Indiana's May 8 primary. media: 15811491

quicklist: 3title: Sarah Palintext: Though her husband Todd endorsed Newt Gingrich, the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee,has withheld her formal backing. She's shared kind words for Rick Santorum at numerous times, but stopped short of an actual endorsement. If Palin endorsed a candidate logic would seem to indicate that candidate would be Santorum. Her endorsement would give a big jolt of energy to his campaign. If she went rogue and surprised everyone with a Romney endorsement, that would be a big deal too. It would be a huge blow to Santorum. media:15145842

quicklist: 4title: Newt Gingrichtext: At this point it looks virtually impossible for Gingrich to secure the nomination. Still, Gingrich has devoted supporters which Romney or Santorum would love to have. Gingrich's endorsement, not to mention his encouragement for his 135 delegates to back said endorsee, would be a step forward for the recipient. media:15517973

quicklist: 5title: Nancy Reagantext: Though she's not a politician, the widow of GOP mega-icon Ronald Reagan would perhaps be the biggest score possible. It seems as though a day does not go by on the trail without at least one of the candidates invoking the legacy of her late husband. Not only would her endorsement be a huge symbolic victory, it would all but guarantee a major win for the chosen endorsee in California. And with 172 delegates at-stake in the June 5 primary, that is the biggest prize of all. media: 16029571