Romney campaigns with John Boehner in Ohio

ByHolly Bailey
June 17, 2012, 7:58 PM

— -- TROY, Ohio—House Speaker John Boehner made his first public appearance with Mitt Romney this campaign, touting the Republican nominee as someone who has the ability to put "the economy back together again."

Speaking to several hundred supporters at a rally along a cordoned-off downtown street in this Western Ohio town, Boehner cast Romney as someone who would be an ally to a Republican-led Congress. He called President Obama a "roadblock" to GOP-led efforts to revive the economy.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the president's policies have failed," Boehner said, as Romney stood over his left shoulder. "They are actually making the economy worse, and it's time we put someone in the White House who understands how to put the American people back… to work again."

But Boehner's remarks were somewhat drowned out by a group of about 20 protesters, like another group who aimed to disrupt a Romney event in Newark earlier Sunday, chanted as the GOP leader spoke.

"GO HOME ROMNEY! GO HOME ROMNEY!" the group yelled again and again.

The group relented only when Ann Romney, who earlier in the day had addressed protesters aiming to disrupt her husband's event, took the microphone. When Romney took the microphone back and began to deliver his stump speech, the group began chanting again.

"WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT. WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT," they yelled.

Afterwards, Romney and Boehner grabbed dinner at K's Hamburgers, a classic hamburger joint in downtown.

The event was Romney's last stop on his day-long bus tour of Ohio. He now heads to Wisconsin, for a Monday event with Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and a potential vice presidential pick. Later in the day, he's scheduled to campaign in Eastern Iowa.

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