Comedian Sarah Silverman's 'Indecent' Political Proposal to Romney-Backer Adelson

Sarah Silverman tries to convince casino mogul to support Obama over Romney

ByABC News
July 17, 2012, 12:15 PM

July 17, 2012 -- Comedian Sarah Silverman is making an admittedly "indecent proposal" to a billionaire Republican backer in the hopes of enlightening people to the realities of campaign financing, as well as shocking quite a few more.

In a YouTube video posted Monday, Silverman proposes that if Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson gives the $100 million he has pledged to Mitt Romney to Barack Obama's campaign instead she'll, well, engage in some racy behavior with him.

"If you give that $100 million to Obama instead of Romney, I will -- well, I won't have sex with you because we're not married and I am a nice girl," Silverman says in the video before naming a sex act that includes keeping her clothes on. (FYI, it's not what you're thinking.)

Adelson, whose net worth is estimated at $25 billion, has reportedly already donated $10 million to pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future and pledged "limitless" donations to defeat Obama, according to Forbes magazine.

Though it's unlikely that Adelson, who bankrolled Newt Gingrich's failed primary run, would ever contribute to Obama, the video inadvertently sheds light on the power a handful of wealthy individuals now wield in American politics.

According to recent calculations by the Atlantic magazine just, ".000063 percent [of the population]-- 196 Americans -- have given more than 80 percent of the super-PAC money spent in the presidential elections so far."

In 2008, backed by the same PAC that produced the "Indecent Proposal" video, Silverman made a video called the "Great Schlep," which encouraged young Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida to goad them into voting for Obama.

"We're uncomfortable with the size of the gift, [and] that one person can singlehandedly affect the election," Mik Moore, treasurer for the Jewish Council for Education and Research, the pro-Obama PAC behind the video, told about Adelson's contributions.

Moore said, as a left-leaning Jewish political organization, his group objected to many of Adelson's political positions.

"They are not reflective of the priorities of American Jews, but [his money has] given him a large megaphone for which to amplify his views," he said.

As for the risqué language with which Silverman makes that point, Moore said: "Sarah is a comedian. Her priority is doing something funny and attention getting."

Silverman's representative told ABC News she was "not available for an interview." Calls to Adelson were not immediately returned.